The White Show

30th October – 1st March 2016

What does the colour white mean to you?I love the colour white, to me it means pure, simple, and clean. Traditionally, White is part of the Korean cultural identity, and Koreans have been called the white-clad race.

What does the colour white mean in context within your work?I like to create simple shapes and designs and then work with intricate textures on the surfaces. The colour white allows the textures to stand out on the simple background.

How do you use white in you work- technique /style /materials?I make white rice bowls, noodle bowls and cups using bone china.

Do you often use white in your art practice or have you used it especially for the exhibition?In my last collection I explored glazes and different clay bodies, and I wanted to further develop this body of work. The goal I thought most important before starting this project was the harmony of glaze and texture. I used bone china specifically for this "White show". I'm very happy with the results of how my work turned out.

What work have you made for the exhibition - type / techniques/ style and what does the white' signify in your work? Does it mean anything or do you use it for its visual quality - i.e. surface texture?My aim is to combine simple industrial design with traditional craft skills for tableware. I used white to convey a simple transparency. I hope to create free textures on my ceramic products, which are not geometric or uniform and which a machine could not express.