Interview with ceramic artist Eva Brandt, who will be showing in our forthcoming 'White Show'

The White Show

30th October – 1st March 2016

What does the colour white mean to you?

To me, white means light, tranquil/quiet, silently listening. I love the white nuances of limestone.

What does the colour white mean in context with your work?

I use different white colours - cold whites, earthy warm whites - alone, or on top of each other - to give life and depth to the surface, and to give a quiet meditative feeling and radiance. Usually I prefer warm white because of the feeling it radiates.

How do you use white in your work- technique / style/ materials?

I often use different white slips on top of each other in layers, sometimes partly covering the graphic decoration, but also letting some of the clay colour be seen through the white. When I work with porcelain, I like to mix the pure white with some earth colours to give the contrast between a pure white shiny inside and something more warm and matte on the outside of a bowl.

Do you often use white in your art practice or have you used it especially for the exhibition?

I use matte white a lot, as I love it on textured surfaces and as a background for signs . decoration. I also like the combination of cool matte white and a warm toned shiny white.

What work have you made for the exhibition - type of work / techniques / style and what does the 'white' used signify in your work? Does it mean anything or do you use it for its visual quality - i.e. surface texture?

I will show both smaller hand thrown stoneware cups and jugs, and some larger coiled stoneware vessels, that have white as a background. Also some pots that are made of porcelain and stoneware together. I enjoy the nuances of white that comes from using different white slips, glazes and clays together with natural oxides. The oxides give tones and contrasts.