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Alison Macleod

I set up my business more than 10 years ago after finishing a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing at Edinburgh College of Art. I've always made work that I love. At times this has proven to be a flawed strategy but I've stubbornly stuck to it through ups and downs. However, I think that this approach has kept my jewellery fresh and my passion for creating alive. 

My jewellery is based on my love of collections, whether in a junk shop, a curiosity cabinet or my Mum's jewellery box. A collection is often charged with personal meaning. Curios are collated according to ones own unique experiences and understanding of the pieces. For the viewer these sometimes unusual combinations can throw up more questions than answers. This ambiguity only intrigues me further. When translating these ideas into my jewellery I incorporate the shapes, textures and often collected objects themselves.

Prices range from £380 - £1000


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