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Strong forms and subtle textures are the hallmark of Danish ceramist Anne Fløche’s distinctive style. She creates powerful cylinders, tall monolithic vases, wall plaques and large lidded boxes. Her approach is unique, she uses clay as an expansive cutter and carver might, like a Brutalist sculptor or architect, like an archaeologist of accreted urban walls or medieval graffiti.

She employs glaze freely and spontaneously, often making the surfaces dry and pitted, using clay as a broad canvas and a free drawing board of notes and ideas. Fløche explores the patinas and markings that trace and delete human memory and show a pure sense of the physical materiality of clay.

Fløche says: “I want my pieces to be sturdy and unpretentious, yet precise and delicate in expression”

Anne Fløche studied at the Royal Academy of Art in Aarhus, Jutland, in the 1970s and has since exhibited worldwide. She has work in the State Art Foundations of Denmark and Sweden and in the Clay Museum of Denmark, Ulster Museum and Sieg Collection of Pennsylvania.

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