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I am a textile designer and hand-weaver. I make one-off interior pieces, in particular throws and blankets. I love working with my hands and enjoy the flexibility and the spontaneous changes that are possible when weaving by hand.

My practice is based on environmental values. I mostly use unbleached and undyed linen in my warps. My choice of weft yarns is limited to linen, hemp, wool, alpaca and second-hand or recycled yarns.

For colour I use plant-dyed wool by a natural dyer from Finland or recycled linen from a UK company who process industrial surplus yarns into new yarn.

Another way of introducing colour is by recycling "waste warps" from fellow weavers. That's the final meter of warp - consisting of hundreds of individual lengths of yarn - that cannot be woven and is usually thrown away. I knot them back together so that I can weave with them in the weft. During weaving the knots become visible randomly across the cloth and form a distinct design feature that is reminiscent of the hand-made look and feel of tribal textiles. The hand-made character of tribal textiles from all over the world has always had a strong appeal for me.