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Handwriting forms the starting point for my work due to my interest in message making; the messages are always ambiguous and represent short uncertain conversations. Old postcards and letters are sourced, sections taken then translated into new contemporary stories. Stamps introduce colour with contrasting print; words, numbers, pattern and imagery. Semi-precious stones also add colour and texture. Other ephemera include maps and photographs contrasting their preciousness as personal possessions combined with their throw away references as well as an interest in recycling.

Papers are combined with rollprinted and oxidised silver and small details of yellow gold. Other metalwork includes pierced stretched silver and linear panels made of fine wires soldered side by side. Pieces are often cold connected using silver or gold tube rivets. Elements are randomly gathered creating pieces that are unique each time they are made. I make necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings and cufflinks in limited editions and as one-off pieces.

Prices range from £39.00 to £545.00