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24th January - 21 March 2020

Private View 23rd January 6-8pm, Artists' Talk 7pm

Our opening exhibition of 2020 ‘Constructing Nature’ is an exhibition of intricately woven wall pieces and carefully constructed brooches. The exhibition showcases basket weaver, Lizzie Farey and jeweller, Anna Gordon. Both artists are inspired by their natural surroundings and carefully observe the movement and patterns found in landscapes. The stillness of nature is reflected in the pared-down minimalism of each piece.

Lizzie Farey 

Basketmaker, Lizzie Farey creates intricate structures and woven forms as a way of capturing a still moment and sense of calm. Each piece reflects a deeply personal interaction with her chosen medium. Willow contains the flow of flex and tension which Farey manipulates into rhythmic patterns or simple hollow forms to offer a sense of space, both the space found in nature and that provided in connection to a place.

Farey’s work is experimental. It combines a range of natural materials and techniques. At her home in Galloway, Farey plants and tends to a range of willow in different colours and textures ready to harvest and create her extraordinary works.

Anna Gordon

Jeweller, Anna Gordon is interested in the material quality of a drawn line. Her sketches are transformed into three dimensions through a limited palette of silver, oxidised silver and gold and retain the spontaneity of her drawings and models. Gordon sees her work as a sketch on the body capturing light and shadows in movement as its worn. She is constantly influenced by her surroundings whether considered in the process of making or recognisable on completion of a piece. The works that will be exhibited, focus on a series of 60mm brooches exploring repeated forms.