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Each collection or project starts with a storyboard, and, using high quality yarns, we develop from this a palette of pattern, texture and colour. Eleanor does all of her production in the UK and is proud to work with well-respected and highly-skilled British weavers. Much of the production is done on ‘dobcross’ shuttle looms at a small traditional mill in West Wales. She values the expertise and history behind the mills we work with, and feels that these qualities give her fabrics a strong sense of integrity and place. Eleanor has always loved playing with colour and pattern. Her work often has a mid-century quality and she feels a strong affinity for the aesthetics and design philosophy of this era. Alongside this runs a deep interest in vernacular British textiles and she sees much of her work as a re-interpretation of these traditions and techniques for a contemporary audience.

Price: Blanket £260.00 and Pillow £115.00


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