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Flow Throws | Scarves


Brothers Abduljabbar Khatri & Abdullah Khatri founded SIDRcraft over 20 years ago in Kutch, India to continue the family tradition of bandani, a centuries-old technique of micro tie-dye that produces exquisite pattern, design and texture on fabric.

SIDRcraft promotes economic independence for village artisans. It has revived the production of traditional bandhani that, depending on the intricacy of a design, can take months to complete. Bandhani is created in numerous stages, employing the efforts of different artisans. Design is overseen by Abduljabbar, employing traditional motifs. Stencils are created to transfer the pattern to fabric: pure silk, cotton and cotton-silk blends). Over 200 independent women artisans in villages in Kutch form the heart of production, tying thousands of tiny knots on the stenciled fabric to create a single scarf or shawl. Dyeing, often in successive stages for a single piece, takes place in the SIDRcraft studio in Bhuj.

This large scarf/throw is a special collaboration between Flowgallery, textile designer Lizzie Sutherland and SIDRcraft. It is an edition of 10 handcrafted scarves, especially created for Flow gallery. It is hand dyed in natural indigo. Each scarf/throw is unique & handcrafted and will therefore vary in colour & look. Be aware no chemicals have been added to fix the colour, thus crocking may occur. The blue may stain other textiles, leather or skin whilst it’s worn. General wear, use and washing will fade the colour and gain its unique appearance. We recommend a gentle handwash.