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LEHTI (vessel for fruit, sweets etc.)

materials: brass, red plastic coatingdimensions: 300 x 310 x 90 mm thickness of material: 0.5 mm

Something extremely fragile and transient in nature has been translated into a durable material and worked into a functional piece for the home environment, still maintaining the essence of a delicate leaf.The Lehti-vessel is enjoyable to look at and to handle, whether it is in use or not, and it combines materials and processes in a new and innovative way. At the same time it is a study into nature,materials and processes, driven by curiosity.

Often weight is regarded as an essential quality of metal and associated with its value. Here the other extreme of the medium is explored, demonstrating its strength and sensitivity.Using the minimum amount of material, the combinations of pattern and structure in the right proportion, as well as materials and processes, give the piece its strength and an amazing quality of springiness and flexibility.