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The Secret Life of Plants

 "I live and work in the Danish countryside, in a hilly landscape created during the ice age, surrounded by trees, bushes, grass – plants everywhere. The nature becomes a part of me in a metaphysical way – and almost in a physical way as well.

 The panels are the outcome of numerous experiments with sheet glass – used window glass, which is fused together with different kinds of metals and plants and merge into a chemical exchange.

I think about how we register the nature as a herbarium or in a scientific descriptive way – or depicting it in a romantic flower painting. My panels are neither the one, nor the other. Rather it is nature itself: the actual plant fused together with silver, copper and aluminium thus creating a momentary crystallisation of nature.

Plants are fascinating. They are not only wonderful flowers – beautiful and fragrant. Surely they are poetic creatures, even sensual, waiving their stamens – the genitals of the flower – tempting and sexy.

But they are also fierce. They defend them selves. Plants sting, bite, tear, scorch and burn if you come too close.

Weed spread so fast that you marvel over you didn’t see it happen. Some plants are even called invasive and humans fight them with chemical warfare.

Plants have invisible roots that creates enormous network under the earths surface. Some claim that plants have feelings. Evidently they communicate with each other without words – maybe that’s the most fascinating thing and that’s why the title of this work is The Secret Life Of Plants."  Micha Karlslund

Price £557.00 each