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"Inspired by natural forms, and organic structures, I explore balance, and asymmetry through shape, surface and colour. By creating a three dimensional form as a gesture, or expressive mark, a narrative is expressed. Coming from a background of printed textiles, and the two dimensional, my interests have been about achieving depth through texture.

This is referenced in my new work, pursuing how line and texture can become the form, and how the choice of which can very much alter the message and context of the vessel. I mirror the soft organic lines created when molten colour bleeds into the other, with a biomorphic form. These moody, soft ethereal colour bleeds are reminiscent of dip dyed fabrics. This enhances both the qualities of the glass medium, and the free tonal movement of colour inciting moods and memories.

Glass is both a medium of clarity, and ambiguity. Exploring its capacity to distort, and alter our view, by cutting, and stripping away it’s layers of colour, I create depth through mark making.

Working with the classic Swedish technique of Graal, I examine the relationships between the positive and negative ground through transparency and opacity, and the pattern this creates. The contained interior space is intriguing, by how the inner reflection of light and shadow affects the exterior form, the effect of light being diffused through line.  I am interested in exploring our relationship to patterns found in nature, through the material study of glass. My desire is to create work with a sense of mystery, and ambiguity."

Prices range from £650


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