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This scarf is a special collaboration between Flow gallery  and  Khalid Amin . It is an edition of eight handcrafted scarves, especially created for Flow gallery. It is hand woven, block printed and dyed with natural dyes. With a hand rolled hem with tassles. Each scarf is unique & handcrafted and will therefore vary in colour & look. 

Khalid Amin was discovered on a trip to Somaiya Kala Vidya institute, Kutch India. SKV was founded to sustain art traditions and increase both the value and income of artisans. SKV believes that when artisans determine the innovations and evolution of their art, it will retain cultural integrity. And, only if art and artisans flourish, will traditions continue as an intact cultural heritage. Somaiya Kala Vidya offers design as well as business education to working traditional artisans of Kutch, in sustained input through eleven-month courses. It makes “higher education” accessible. The institution’s curricula, schedule and language of instruction are designed to accommodate artisan lifestyles.

Price £110.00